Ubuntu 10.10 and Chrome Missing Plugins

Re-installed my laptop about a week ago with Ubuntu 10.10. Finally killed off the Windows partition that wasn’t working properly anyway. So took the opportunity to install a fresh Ubuntu 10.10 with disk encryption. Everything seemed to be working fine. that is except Chrome.
I couldn’t access my CCTV system using chrome like I used to. If you access it from Windows IE you get a nice little request whether to load the mpeg viewer or access jpeg stills. But never had that prompt in Chrome after auth it just loads up an image viewer that’s opens up a single camera view.

But now I’m just stuck with ‘Missing Plugin’ in a nice grey box. I’ve already loaded up Flash, Quicktime, VLC, and a few other plugins and video playback works. but the CCTV just didn’t! It was bugging me, but I’d just kinda left it. Tonight though I ended up installing ZoneMinder for someone, and after a few permissions problems finally got the camera up and running, but it was doing a simple jpeg image refresh every 5 secs. I remembered from a few years ago downloading cambozola(?).jar so went looking and found it. Installed it and tried again, boom ‘Missing Plugin’.

After some searching I found that there’s an option in Zoneminder to change Options > Images > CAN_STREAM it’s normally set on Auto. but if you change it to Yes, it makes the ‘Missing Plugin’ in Chrome go away.

But this isn’t a solution to me as my own CCTV is old software that almost certainly doesn’t have an option in anyway similar. So onto more searching for jpeg streaming chrome and ubuntu. By chance I stumbled onto a java site and oh look ‘Missing Plugin’ again.

Of course it is, I haven’t installed Java yet, DOH!

A quick search of the Ubuntu software and I installed the OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime. Restarted Chrome and it’s still not working. Uninstalled OpenJDK and then went off doing a manual install of Java and creating a symbolic link of the necessary files into the Chrome directory alongside the Flash and Quicktime plugins. But it still doesn’t work.

So back to the drawing board. Removed all the manual stuff and back to installing OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime via the Ubuntu Software. Then I also installed iced6tea-plugin. Yahoo it works. I now have access to my CCTV again using Chrome on Ubuntu.

So Bottom Line:-
If your getting ‘Missing Plugin’ messages in Chrome, make sure you have Java installed.
Ubuntu Software >
OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime

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