otrs forbidden installer.pl or index.pl

Currently moving an OTRS installation from one server to another. This installation has been running fine for months, I’ll be upgrading as part of the process from 3.2.6 to 3.3.1 but to keep the migration simple I thought I’d just tar up the current OTRS installation and dump the database. Copy them over to the new server extract the files and restore the database and permissions.
This all went well, so I configured apache (copied the existing apache config from the old server). Restart the apache server and tried accessing the page. Kept getting ‘Forbidden’ messages, everything pointing towards permissions, so checked and reran otrs.SetPermissions still no joy. As nothing seemed to be moving forward I decided to wipe the install, and perform a fresh install. Did this but then found that apache just wouldn’t start. This was down to alot of entries in various failes pointing to /opt/otrs/ rather than my installed /usr/local/otrs/ Once I sorted this I was back to encountering ‘Forbidden’ messages again.
After alot of poking around and searching the net I found:-
I hadn’t considered that apache may have been different between servers, a quick ‘apache2 -v’ on each server confirmed one server running 2.2 and the new running 2.4.

So to solve this I had to replace:-
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all


        Require all granted

all through the apache config. After a service apache2 restart this let me get to the installer.pl so with that working, I’ll be back to extracting the OTRS and database from the old server.
I’ll apologise for any mistypes, I’ve written all this from memory, while having a well deserved coffee.
Old system was running Ubuntu 12.04 new is 13.10?