Just can’t find it.

Another rambling entry.

I started this bog with the idea of keeping notes of things I may need to refer back to. Tonight I’ve spent 30 mins searching the entries for LDAP authentication on the PI. I do LDAP Auth on all my servers against 2 LDAP servers, and I’m sure I posted somewhere what I did to configure the PI’s to auth against LDAP but I just can’t find it.

What it has highlight though is 1) I don’t post nearly enough of what I do, and when I do it’s normally after I’ve done it and then write it up from memory. 2) The blog design just ins’t very user friendly.

So I’m going to try to write things up a bit more often as I’m doing them and tonight I’m going to look at some better designs. I’ve been installing wordpress quite a bit recently and it just seems to have themes and a better layout, so I’d like to get a similar design running on this blog. I would just run the blog on my own server, but I think there’s a good chance moving my blog will screw up any references to blogspot. Maybe something to look at though when I’m bored.

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